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Tom's Syndicated Column Appears in More Than 300 Papers!
"Misadventures of a 1970s Childhood" Book Reviews:

From Bubs Daddies to Mini-Boggans, Tom Purcell's eye for detail creates an amusing and often poignant trip down memory lane.”

- Mary Ann Girty

“A wonderful short book, well worth a read, not least for the laughs in every chapter.”

- Geitner Simmons

 "It's a fast, fun read.”

- Laura Lynch

 “Tom is a funny guy with an eye for the truth and a good memory of what life was like growing up in the 1970s!”

- Bill Steigerwald

“This light-hearted book is a real joy to read.”

- Linda Hill

“This is an awesome bit of memory invoking writing. I smiled a lot, and laughed out loud.”

- Hoot Mom

 “Mr. Purcell is a great storyteller. He can take any experience and turn it into an enjoyable and humorous adventure.”

- Margaret M.

“I just loved this. Tom and his family are so sweet and funny and ordinary, yet he has made of them something extraordinary.”

- Lark Spring

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Laura's Guest Host, Rusty Humphries, features Tom's St. Patrick's Day column.

Toronto host John Oakley asks Tom to pretend he wants to outlaw Groundhog Day:

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Second clip

Host John Morales asks Tom about his Charlie Brown Christmas Special column.

Pittsburgh Broadcaster John Steigerwald asks Tom about a troubling new trend: Crying in the workplace.

Hear Tom read two of his columns:

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